2012 Audi A5 Review

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Written by: Tim Marsh

2012 Audi A5s are well-known luxury cars that come in coupe and sport back sizes. The 2012 Audi A5 is a luxury priced car that has many safety features and is beautiful to look at. Audi Australia dealers sell various models of the 2012 Audi A5 for $75,000 upwards to $120,000. Audi for sale in Australia can be bought used or brand new. Looking for Audi for sale Australia can be quite easy as


2012-Audi-A5-Red-White-Colours-image from homeautodesign.com

there are many locations throughout the country. Let’s look at some of the Audi A5 reviews.

The line-up

This Audi for sale Australia will include 17 models of the 2012 A5 in a price range from $70K to about $120K. The A5 comes in Coupe, Cabriolet and Sportback bodies with a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine with Multitronic, Tronic and Quattro choices of drive trains and transmissions.

Under the Bonnet

The Coupe has standard all-wheel drive with six-speed manual transmission with optional eight-speed automatic transmission. The Cabriolet delivers standard front-wheel drive and continuously variable automatic transmission with an option for the all-wheel drive eight-speed automatic transmission.

Audi A5 reviews test the S-Tronic 8 speed automatic transmission as faster than the six-speed manual transmission. Fuel economy rates in similar Audi reviews show the manual transmission and front wheel drive automatic transmission head to head.

Engine and Fuel Efficiency

2012 Audi A5 reviews indicate that fuel economy with the six-speed manual transmission Coupe measures 11.2 litre/100km in the city, 7.58 litre/100km on the highway and 9.40 litre/100km combined. The Cabriolet’s all-wheel drive eight-speed automatic delivered slightly lower numbers with 11.2 litre/100km in the city, 8.11 litre/100km highway and 9.8 litre/100km combined. Audi Australia reviews showed that the front-wheel drive automatic topped those numbers with 11.2 litre/100km city, 7.58 litre/100km highway and 9.4 litre/100km combined.



2012-Audi-A5-Cabriolet-TFSI-front-end-image from motortrend.com

Exterior and styling

The 2012 Audi A5 reviews praise the A5’s styling. Like the start of any love affair, its good looks will have you sold before you learn you’ll be paying more to get exactly what you want for the upgrade to the Premium Plus or Prestige models.
Audi Australia buyers will want the upgrade to the Style package which will give the exterior snap with a shiny metal exterior trim,

LED running lamps and taillights, and bi-xenon headlights.

Audi offers a roadster/sedan mutant with sporty styling that will satisfy both your wild side and your urban savvy.

Interior and comfort

Since the A5 is a sports coupe with cross over appeal to sedan interests, it doesn’t come with standard bucket seats. You can get a sportier Audi with the sports package and the bucket seats, which reviewers rate high for comfort. Rear seating is a bit short for a sedan but roomier than you would find in a conventional sports coupe.


2012-Audi-A5-Cabriolet-TFSI-interior- image from motortrend.com

Overall, the interior of the 2012 Audi A5 employs elegant design and good quality workmanship. Reviews caution that most people will prefer the optional MMI console controller, which is within easier reach and has more user-friendly menus than the standard dash MMI controller.

Most buyers are opting for the Premium Plus package, which allows for the Sports package upgrades and navigation control and rear

parking sensors as options. If you go with the Prestige level, the navigation system is thrown in with keyless ignition and entry, blind spot detection, Bang & Olufsen sound system and adaptive headlights.

Value for money

Audi prices in Audi for sale Australia compare well with the BMW 5 Series and Lexus GS 250, beating the Lexus in affordability. However, once it reaches the Australia market, the Mercedes Class A will beat the Audi A5 price by offering a smaller, lighter car with many of the same upgrades.

Most Audi A5 reviews consider the Audi prices to be well worth the investment for sportiness, styling and luxury.


2012-Audi-A5-Cabriolet-TFSI-interior-seats-image from motortrend.com

Audi A5 Drive Away Prices in Australia

Coupe 2dr Multitronic 8sp 1.8T : $75,039
Sportback 5dr Multitronic 8sp 1.8T : $75,157
Coupe 2dr Multitronic 8sp 2.0DT : $76,929
Sportback 5dr Multitronic 8sp 2.0DT: $77,047
Cabriolet 2dr Multitronic 8sp 1.8T : $87,337
Cabriolet 2dr Multitronic 8sp 2.0DT : $89,857
Coupe 2dr Quattro 2.0T : $89,857
Sportback 5dr Quattro 2.0T : $89,857
Coupe 2dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 2.0T : $92,272
Coupe 2dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 3.0S : $92,272
Sportback 5dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 2.0T : $92,272
Coupe 2dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 3.0DT : $105,607
Sportback 5dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 3.0DT : $105,607
Cabriolet 2dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 2.0T : $106,657



Sportback 5dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 3.0S : $110,752
Cabriolet 2dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 3.0DT : $119,152
Cabriolet 2dr S-Tronic 7sp Quattro 3.0S : $123,457


The A5 comes with front wheel or four-wheel drive, front seat airbags and side curtain airbags, antilock brakes, and stability control.

Collision warning comes with the Prestige package and the adaptive cruise control, which prepares the brakes to stop. The Prestige also comes with blind spot warning.

The drive

The A5 offers a smooth, silent ride, and its power steering gives it precision and agility. The traction of the all-wheel and front-wheel drives adds more weight to the A5 on the road. This makes the vehicle very secure to handle, especially on wet and windy roads.


Compared to the BMW 5 series, the A5 offers a slightly sportier package, but the BMW 5 series delivers better fuel economy with its 4-cylinder engine at 14.5 km/litre on the highway and 9.7 km/litre in the city. There is also BMW Assist, the automatic emergency contact system that BMW provides.

The Mercedes A Class has not quite hit the Australian market yet, but its base price will be much less than that of the A5 and BMW 5. It will have many of the A5’s safety options, like the Prestige’s collision warning. The A class engine will be similar to the A5, but the body will be lighter and smaller. The Class A’s styling received much applause at its April 2011 unveiling.

The Lexus GS 250 does offer a standard 6-cylinder engine, but in its attempt to create a sports coupe/sedan hybrid, it tilts much more


2012-Audi-A5-Front-View-Image: homeautodesign

to the sedan side in its body style. It does not offer a manual transmission or paddle handles, and the 2.5 litre engine in the GS 250 is a bit of an under achiever. Its price range goes slightly over the A5.


The 2012 Audi A5’s sportier looks coupled with touring coupe all-wheel drive handling and safety features make the A5 an excellent choice for individuals who weigh stability heavier than sports performance. The manual transmission option and sports package gives

you the best of both worlds. The A5’s acceleration, safe handling and fuel economy may make the sports car/sedan compromise worth it for many drivers who will love the A5’s sports car looks and secure handling.

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