2012 BMW X5 Review

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BMW’s 2012 SUV is a car that is unlike many of the others on the market. Despite it being heavy with the capability of seating seven passengers, it is very fuel efficient. The car manufacturer has done a lot to reduce engine emissions and their results can be seen in the X5 for sale. The BMW X5 2012 has strong on-road performance despite its limited off-road capabilities. Most BMW X5


reviews agree, it offers comfort throughout the interior which also translates to individuals and families alike.

Details of the 2012 BMW X5

There are 6 versions of the 2012 BMW SUV. The models include the number of passengers as well as the type of engine. There is a BMW X5 diesel option which offers more power and more horsepower but not necessarily better fuel efficiency.

Under the Bonnet of the New X5

There are four different engines to choose from on the new X5. There are two 3.0 litre turbo diesels available. There is the BMW xDrive 30d as well as the twin-turbo BMWxDrive 40d which is more powerful. There is also the X8 powered xDrive 50i as well as the X5M. When it comes to considering fuel cost, the BMW xDrive 30d and BMW xDrive 40d offer almost 5.88 litre/100k while the others tend to be gas guzzlers.

Exterior & Styling of BMW X5

The 2012 BMW X5 wouldn’t be complete without talking about the build quality and the exterior looks. The sleek curves include bumpers, door handles and partial exterior mirrors in the same colour as the rest of the body. The double grill gives the SUV an aggressive look while the chrome exhaust tip adds a touch of luxury in the rear as well.

2012 BMW X5 review also shows the square boot provides a lot of luggage space. There’s also no load lip, allowing bulkier objects to load easily.

2012-BMW-X5-brown-front view

2012-BMW-X5-brown-front view









2012 BMW Interior & Comfort

The BMW X5 for sale has a lot to offer drivers and passengers alike. According to most BMW X5 reviews, there is significant leg room, head room and shoulder room. This is designed for five passengers. For those who wish to seat more passengers, there are two optional chairs for the back that will increase the passenger count to seven. The rear seats also split and fold flat. Total luggage capacity competes with the bigger estate cars, offering 1,750 litres.

There’s an iDrive dial in the console centre that offers satellite navigation, Bluetooth, and stereo with multiple options. X5 reviews agree that it has proven to be very reliable and offers superior sound. Additional features of the interior include a leather steering wheel, heated seats in the front row, and a multifunction colour control screen.



2012 BMW X5 Interior View

2012 BMW X5 Interior View







Optional third row seats in the BMW X5. Room for a party of seven.. Image: BMW Australia

Optional third row seats in the BMW X5. Room for a party of seven.. Image: BMW Australia






BMW X5 Price & Value

The BMW X5 for sale is not the cheapest 4×4 SUV on the market. It is, however, a prestigious model



that is laden with luxury and the BMW X5 price does reflect that. According to most X5 reviews the vehicle is able to hold its value better than many of its competitors. There are also a lot of standard features that are packed into the SUV. This includes such things as leather upholstery, cruise control, parking sensors and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Other SUVs on the market charge extra for these.

BMW prices of the SUV for a drive-away price in New South Wales, Australia, are based upon model:

xDrive30d Wagon 4dr Steptronic 8sp 4×4 3.0DT: $102,483

xDrive35i Wagon 4dr Steptronic 8sp 4×4 3.0TT: $114,873

xDrive40d Sport Wagon 4dr Steptronic 8sp 4×4 3.0DTT: $124,743

xDrive50i Sport Wagon 4dr Steptronic 8sp 4×4 4.4TT: $146,478

M50d Wagon 4dr Steptronic 8sp 4×4 3.0DTTT: $160,128

M Wagon 4dr Steptronic 6sp 4×4 4.4TT: $198,138

Safety of the BMW X5 2012

According to 2012 BMW X5 reviews the Euro NCAP crash test results of the X5 for sale is 5 stars, which is the best that can be offered. A significant amount of airbags are included within the SUV and there are also such things as antilock brakes, rear vision camera and much more to aid drivers in operating the vehicle in a very safe manner.



The BMX X5 diesel has been on the market for a number of years and very few problems have arisen. A small number of cars were recalled for brake issues in 2009, however since then, the BMW X5 diesel has had no issues.

The Drive of the BMW X5 2012

The acceleration of the new SUV is significant and it is able to handle turns well. The braking is consistent and able to compete with the other vehicles on the road. The downside to the X5 is that it is unable to handle bumpy roads and pot holes well. Despite the SUV being a 4×4 it doesn’t offer as much suspension as other SUVs. The wind noise, however, is drastically reduced, offering a very quiet ride for everyone in the cabin.

Competition of the BMW X5

When looking into the 2012 BMW X5, it’s imperative to take into consideration the competition. Some of the major rivals include:

Mercedes-Benz M1 Class

Starting price of $96,900

Pros: There’s the option of getting gas or diesel engines. The breaking distance on the M1 is also




Cons: No third row option, steering responses are slow and it is expensive in comparison to other makes and models on the market.

Audi Q7

Starting price of $86,900

Pros: The SUV is capable of high speeds with stability as well as a well-designed interior. There’s also the option of a diesel engine.

Cons: The third row is very cramped and there’s no option for getting a DVD entertainment centre. The SUV also lacks the cargo space that other models have.

Volkswagen Toureg



Starting price of $134,990

Pros: It has a very luxurious interior and the capability of towing a lot. It also has a fuel efficient engine.

Cons: No third row seat. The additional trim levels can get expensive.

The Verdict

The 2012 BMW X5 has a lot of features that make it a valuable SUV. With four different engines to choose from, drivers are able to get the speed and performance they need at the price that they wish to pay. In comparison to other SUVs on the market, the BMW prices are in line with what they offer.

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