2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Class Review

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Australians finally get to seat  behind the wheel of an affordable, luxury-looking Mercedes CLA Australia. If an affordable Mercedes sounds like a Bunyip, think again. With the CLA class, Mercedes-Benz plans to break the mold, not Australian budgets.

To compete with the volume of higher- selling, cost conscious cars with wireless wizardry, Mercedes-Benz loaded the mid-priced CLA with smartphone

adaptive technology and a host of safety features.

2013-Mercedes-Benz-CLA-Class1The Lineup

All variants use an efficient 4-cylinder direct-injection engine with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The base model petrol burning CLA 180 BlueEfficiency starts the roll call, followed by the CLA 200 BlueEfficiency and the CLA 250 Sport. Two diesel variants are available: the 200 and 220 CDI.

All the models use front wheel drive, with the exception of the performance-enhanced CLA 45 AMG, which features 4MATIC all-wheel drive, which will be available in late 2013.

Under the Hood

While the CLA 180 may seem like an under achiever, with a combined fuel efficiency of 5.8L/100km, the new Mercedes Benz is quite the greenie. It is topped only by the 200 CDI which diets on diesel at the combined rate of 4.6L/100km.

The sporty Mercedes CLA 250 doesn’t shock at the servo despite its engine kick of 155 kW power and 350 Nm torque. It politely downs its petrol at a combined 6.6L/100 km, despite its athletic road antics.

Exterior and Style

Hoping to entice a new market of financially enabled young Australians, Mercedes dubbed the CLA the “pulse of a new generation.” But keep your pants

2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Class - top view

2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Class – top view

on. According to the new Mercedes brochure, the CLA class is an absolute heartthrob, “an unbridled attack: on your eyes, on your heart”—but not a six figure attack on your wallet.

As one 2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Review stated, the design of the CLA series is “striking.” With an eye to the BMW 1 series and Audi A3, Mercedes has created a distinctive and somewhat aggressive look to sport the famous Merc star. As a result, you will see a sleek, muscular car with futuristic details, like the new mesh grille and blunted rear.

Is it “a car that wants it all and makes no compromises” as Mercedes Benz claims? Not unless it’s starring in a Stephen King or Disney version of your life. Will it “upset purists” as one 2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Review mused? Mercedes was hoping to shake things up with its “style rebel.”

Interior Design and Comfort

The interior of the new Mercedes Benz shows attention to detail in the galvanized surface and electroplated finish for small metallic parts. Not a lot of plastic here. The star feature is the infotainment system with trip computer, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, smartphone/ iPod/iPhone integration, and audio streaming.


Mercedes engineers outfitted the entire CLA lineup with a set of safety features usually found in higher priced prestige vehicles. Brake Assist and Collision

2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Class Interior Image:contracthireandleasing.com

2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Class Interior Image:contracthireandleasing.com

Prevention Assist deploy radar and sensors to detect emergencies at low speeds. Attention Assist alerts the driver of irregularities and Active Parking Assist helps prevent front and rear bingles. Seat belt tensioning and a full set of front and back airbags round out the safety features.

On the Road

The Mercedes CLA uses McPherson struts in the front with independent rear suspension that allows flexibility from the rear axle. This translates into a comfortable ride on Australia’s spotty bitumen. The Direct Steer system provides adaptive grip and steering that automatically compensates for Australia’s rough weather and tarmac.

Value for the Money and the Competition

Mercedes-Benz CLA200: $49,900

Mercedes-Benz CLA45: 86,900

There is no question the CLA series represents a good value. It offers many features usually found in a prestige package, but at the lower Mercedes Benz CLA Price. The Mercedes Benz CLA Price starts at about $49,900 and up, depending on your options and package.

Competition for the Mercedes CLA Australia will come from the Audi A3 and BMW 1 series. The BMW 1 Series starts $10K less than the CLA, but has weaker base model engines, doesn’t have the CLA’s high-end standard features, and is only available as a hot hatch. The Audi A3 Attraction and Ambition models are priced within the same range as the CLA, but like the BMW, they do not offer the standard high-tech safety features of the Mercedes.

If you’re into judging books, the Audi looks

2013-Mercedes-Benz-CLA-220-CDI - Image: news.com.au

2013-Mercedes-Benz-CLA-220-CDI – Image: news.com.au like a buttoned-down schoolgirl and the BMW like a Bavarian backpacker compared to the sophisticated and

dramatic CLA. When it comes to fuel economy however, both the BMW and the Audi deliver the better value since they have the advantage of being lighter cars.

The Verdict

The new CLA is something for Australians to get excited about. It looks and acts like a prestige car without the sticker shock. Don’t let Mercedes’ flashy lingo put you off. While it may not exactly be the “pulse of a new generation,” thinking about owning that shiny piece of techie bling may actually get your heart


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Kate-Upton and 2013-mercedes-benz-CLA Image credit: justjared.com

Kate-Upton and 2013-mercedes-benz-CLA Image credit: justjared.com

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