2013 Nissan Navara review

Published: September 22, 2013 | Post By: admin

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Looking for a hard-working vehicle that can multitask as a family car on the weekend? If so, then you’ll want to read our 2013 Nissan Navara review. We look at how the Nissan Navara stacks up against the competition.
2013-Nissan-Navara for sale Image: serbagunamarine.com

2013-Nissan-Navara for sale Image: serbagunamarine.com

The line-up

Firstly, if you’re looking for a new Navara, you’ll notice that there are a lot of options to choose from. There are about 11 different variants of the Nissan Navara for sale, ranging from the RX range, through to the SX and the ST ranges. Each range has its own 4×2, 4×4, dual cab and ute on offer. All you have to do is buy the one that best fits your needs!

Exterior and style

Although the exterior hasn’t changed terribly much in recent years, the Nissan Navara D40 still looks pretty darn snazzy. That’s right – snazzy. For a working car, it is actually quite good looking. The chrome accents, flared wheel arches and satin black sports bar all have our tick of approval.

Interior and comfort

Who says work can’t be fun? With a 7” colour touchscreen, HDD Satellite Navigation (that has 3D mapping) and a reversing camera, you’ll feel like you’re on board the Enterprise. It’s also outfitted with a Bose audio system (ST-X 550) and security glass.

Under the bonnet

The performance is pretty darn good too. The ST-X Dual Cab has a 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel engine that pushes out a mean 170kW/550Nm. We

2013 Nissan Navara D22 front view Image: nissan.com.au

2013 Nissan Navara D22 front view Image: nissan.com.au

suppose it needs the power though, after all the Navara prides itself on being able to haul 3,000kg. That’s the equivalent of an adult male hippopotamus, in case you’re interested.


From Vehicle Dynamic Control and ABS, to dual airbags and three-point seatbelts, Nissan has the safety covered with the Navara.

On the road

Quite simply, the ride in the Navara is nothing less than magnificent. With the ability to handle off-road terrain and regular driving in the blink of an eye, it truly is a delight. The only downfall we can think of is that the brakes are a little spongy, and the acceleration after a certain point becomes slightly sluggish. But a heavier push on the heel can more than compensate for that.

Value for money

If you want to know the price of a Nissan Navara for sale, you’d best get out a pen and paper to write down all the options. To keep it

2013 Nissan Navara D22 side view Image: nissan.com.au

2013 Nissan Navara D22 side view Image: nissan.com.au

simple, the price range is about $23,890 to $63,390. Essentially though, you only pay for what you need with the Navara, so you can rest assured you get the best value possible.

The competition

When it comes to the competition, the much-loved Toyota Hilux, the Volkswagen Amarok, and the Holden Colorado are all up against the

Nissan Navara.

The Navara (depending on the model you choose) comes in at the pricier end by a smidgeon, while the Toyota Hilux is slightly cheaper (between $18,990 and $53,460).

In terms of power, it’s between the Navara and Toyota, with the Hilux boasting a 4.0L V6, and 175kw/370Nm (SR5 variant). The new Amarok boasts a 2.0L diesel turbo that promises 132kW, and the Holden pulls in 132kW/470N.

And as for appearance … well, let’s just say they must all have access to the same muse.

Nissan Nivara: $23,890 – $63,390

Toyota Hilux: $18,990 – $53,490

VW Amarok: $24,490 – $61,490

Holden Colorado: $26,990 – $51,990

The verdict

It makes sense to us that the Nissan Navara D40is one of the most popular trade vehicles in Australia, simply because it really is an

2013-Nissan-Navara-Sport-Version-rear-side Image: autoprofilecars.com

2013-Nissan-Navara-Sport-Version-rear-side Image: autoprofilecars.com

exceptional vehicle. And while a new Navara is touted for release in 2014, we’re more than happy with the current model, and are pleased to report that our 2013 Nissan Navara review is nothing short of glowing.

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