2013 Nissan Patrol Review

Published: October 27, 2013 | Post By: admin

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Written by : Tim Marsh

If you think the new Nissan Patrol is big news (and literally, this vehicle is huge!), then check out our 2013 Nissan Patrol review. We take you through the Nissan Patrol price and stats, as well as its best and worst features.

The Line-Up

Okay, so figuring out the models in this range isn’t as easy as it sounds. But as a quick (and hopefully informative) summary, you have the choice between a cab chassis (model options DX GU 6 and ST GU 6) and a SUV (DX Y61, ST Y61, ST-L Y62, Ti Y62 and Ti-L). The SUV is available in both auto and manual, while the cab chassis is available only in manual. Diesel variants apply.


2013 Nissan Patrol Front View – Image: worldcarfans.com

Exterior and Styling

We have already mentioned that the new Nissan Patrol is large, but it deserves mentioning again, because this vehicle is really a behemoth. The Patrol is much bigger than anything else in its class, and looks good for it. Something like the sexy Viking of the car world!

Interior and Comfort

There is one area that the Patrol really excels in: comfort. The Nissan is exceedingly roomy inside, and has the type of luxury akin to a limo. However, it doesn’t have the accessories that others in its class do, such as satellite navigation and seat heating.


2013 Nissan Patrol Interior


2013 Nissan Patrol Roomy Seats

Under the Bonnet

The brand new VK56D 5.6 V8 litre engine is a real asset to the Nissan Patrol, allowing it a neat 298kW/560Nm worth of pulling power. And pull it does – with 3,500kgs of braked towing capacity in fact.

On the Road

You might expect the Patrol to drive rough, but it’s actually quite a refined ride. Not to mention fast. Yep, you heard correctly! With the power of the V8 engine, this behemoth is quick despite its size. Think the Titanic, fuelled by a rocket launcher.

The Ti and Ti-L models also have a Hydraulic Body Motion Control suspension system, which makes for a smooth ride on and off road. Which we should mention, as the Patrol handles both with complete ease!

But of course, you can’t have it all, so don’t expect the fuel consumption to be that great. It only received a two star green rating.


2013 Nissan Patrol Top Down View


ANCAP wasn’t too pleased with the Patrol either, awarding it a three-star safety rating (there was actually a one-star rating for the DX Y61 model). It does have the Patrol Forward Collision Warning system though, which can prevent and protect you against a front-on collision.

Value for Money

Explaining the price of each and every model in the Nissan Patrol range would require an article all by itself, so let’s just say that the Nissan Patrol price starts at $53,300, and goes up to $114,490 plus on roads.

This is within the range of other four-wheel drives in its class, and despite the drawbacks in fuel economy, is still quite reasonable.

The Competition

Up against the Patrol are the Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero. The price range is quite similar, with the Land Cruiser asking price between $58,790 and $118,990, and the Pajero sitting within the $50,990 – &73,990 range.

All three vehicles are very well matched, despite the Patrol being the largest of the lot. The Patrol has also received recent upgrades, including the addition of V8 engine, which might make it a more attractive option for some.

The Verdict

Despite some shortcomings in the form of fuel economy and the low safety rating, we love the new Nissan Patrol and in this 2013 Nissan Patrol review, have decided to give it a categorical thumbs-up.

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