2013 Toyota Corolla Review

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Vehicle style: Small five-door hatch
Price: $19,990
Engine: 1.8 litre petrol inline four. | Power: 103kW/173Nm
Fuel use claimed: 7.1 l/00km man, 6.6 CVT | tested: 6.8l/100km CVT

What are you looking for in your next car? Are you considering expanding your business fleet? Either way, you may want to check out this 2013 Toyota Corolla Review. This compact was redesigned, and the results are positive overall.

The 2013 Corolla offers inviting colours and a racier style. The Corolla, once boxy and predictable, is trying on new clothes, and the result looks good standing still or in motion. Even as a sedan, the Corolla fits neatly into urban life. It is compact without compromising too much on the interior.


2013-Toyota-Corolla-Sports-Touring Image:.forcegt.com


Every small car suffers from a lack of space. Let’s just state that upfront. Still, the Corolla does hold its own against the VW Golf and the Mazda3. The 2013 Corolla re-design actually adjusted the interior space. Drivers may notice that the headroom shrunk a bit, although the seat dropped to accommodate the change. On the other hand, the rear is still bigger than the pricier Mazda3. The Corolla dash has been redesigned straight up, allowing the front seat to have more wiggle room. The gear shift has dropped from its higher position to a normal, lower one. The steering wheel is both tilting and telescopic, allowing drivers to find their best angle.




Every Corolla comes with Bluetooth and an MP3-compatible CD/radio with six speakers. This is a nice package. The Ascent Sport adds a 6.1″ audio touchscreen. Yet most of us want more these days. Many car buyers will aim for the Levin SX, which comes with satellite navigation and a reversing camera.


2013 Toyota Corolla Image: thecarconnection.com

2013 Toyota Corolla Price

The Corolla starts below $20,000. This allows consumers to build up to the tech features they want. If driving prowess is important to you, only CVT can make the best use of the car’s generous torque, and CVT will add $2,000 to the sticker price. If the interior is important to you, you will want to consider the Levin ZR. For leather seats, push button stop, bi-xenon headlights and other favourites, the Levin ZR pushes the price past $28,000. Still a consumer can pay much more for the VW Golf or Mazda3.

• Toyota Corolla Ascent – $19,990
• Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport – $20,990
• Toyota Corolla Levin SX – $23,990
• Toyota Corolla Levin ZR -28,490

Fuel Economy
Any 2013 Toyota Corolla review must mention fuel economy. Toyota‘s emphasis is on fuel savings, and the Corolla is a good example of the brand’s careful engineering. The Corolla Sport automatic can claim 6.6 L/100KM while the Ultima sedan can claim 7.7 L. Fuel use is dependent on choices such as manual, automatic and CV transmissions.

Ownership Costs

For a family on a budget or an individual purchasing a first car, the Corolla makes economic sense. Fuel costs are low. Plus Toyota offers a $130 cap on scheduled maintenance for three years. The 2013 Toyota Corolla price is competitive. The downside might be the cheaper materials in the lowest-priced Corollas. If a driver wants to keep the car for years, the leather upgrade may be worth the investment.

2013 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport  Review Price

2012 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Image: bestsellingcarsblog.com


With seven airbags, including a knee airbag for the driver, the Corolla offers maximum safety. Toyota has put an emphasis on avoiding collisions. Stability, braking and traction are controlled electronically by a series of interconnected sensors. These sensors are constantly pulsing information to a central hub. The hub sends back minor and major corrections that can shave precious seconds off of braking and other defensive manoeuvres. For those drivers who remember the compact before this innovation, the car’s increased braking prowess and overall stability will come as a pleasant surprise.

Handling and Performance
The Corolla has a low centre of gravity which helps this compact maintain its equilibrium in more situations. The stiff body helps improve the handling, but drivers shouldn’t expect anything sporty. Torque hovers in the healthy 170-range on all Corollas, but horsepower hovers at 100 for most models. This can make the Corolla feel sluggish, just when a driver is hoping for some speed. The manual is a six-shift while the regular automatic is a 4-gear box.

The continuously variable transmission can improve this sluggishness by providing more accurate shifting. CVT is not limited to four or six gears because it works electronically. This technology is not always the best, but in the Toyota Corolla, CVT seems to be the only way to ensure that this compact’s impressive torque doesn’t go to waste.


2013-Toyota-Corolla-Sports-Touring-Rear Image: Bestsellingcarsblog.com

Final Analysis

The 2013 Toyota Corolla won’t win any awards for handling and performance, but it excels at safety and fuel economy. While its competitors have moved on to direct injection, start-stop, turbocharging and twin-clutch transmissions, the Corolla sticks to a proven path.

Given the low price combined with the low ownership costs, with good style, a long feature list and solid pricing, Toyota’s new Corolla is a well-finished, competent and appealing small hatch with a lot to tempt younger buyers.

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