2013 VW Jetta Review

Published: September 22, 2013 | Post By: admin

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Written by: Tim Marsh

There’s no passion involved in purchasing a medium sized car, right? Well, not if you believe the marketing team at VW. According to them, the new Volkswagen Jetta will not only awaken your passion, but the VW Jetta price and specs will appeal to your practical

side too.

2013-VVW-Jetta-118TSI Confortline

2013-VVW-Jetta-118TSI Confortline Image: johnhughes.com.au

Find out whether they’re telling the truth about the VW Jetta in our 2013 VW Jetta Review.

The Line-Up

Warning: this might take a while. VW has pulled out all of the stops this time, offering not one, not two but five Jetta’s for you to chose from. How nice of them.

Kicking off the line-up is the entry-level 118TSI manual, followed by the 118TSI automatic, the mid-range 118TSI Comfortline, the top-of-the-line 147TSI Highline, and the diesel 103TDI Comfortline.

Exterior and Styling

The latest generation Jetta is the first in its line that has its very own body panels, which might sound odd but the truth is that earlier

generations borrowed parts from the VW Golf.

And while a new body (especially one that is larger, as with the Jetta) is always a good thing, the VW Jetta is still a little dull compared to other cars in VW’s stable. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, with many families and executives simply looking for a quality made, inoffensive vehicle.

Besides, it does have the standard VW face with the front grille and sleek lines.

Interior and Comfort

Again, the Jetta can be said to be inoffensive but uninspiring as it offers Bluetooth, dual-zone climate control air-conditioning, rain-

sensing wipers and a comfortable but not luxurious interior.

2013-VW-Jetta-147TSI-Highline-Interior Image

2013-VW-Jetta-147TSI-Highline-Interior Image: volkswagen.com.au

It’s definitely spacious though, a quality we’re glad the Jetta has retained. The latest generation offers seating for five adults and plenty of room for shopping and storage.

Under the Bonnet

We’ll start with the two 118TSI’s and the 118TSI Comfortline, which all offer a 1.4L twin-charged petrol engine capable of pushing out 118kW/250Nm. Next, the diesel 103TDI Comfortline presents buyers with a chance to experience a 2.0L diesel that harnesses 103kW/320Nm.

Finally, the stallion of the bunch, the 147TSI Highline, grants access to a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine with a maximum power of 147kW/280Nm.

These specs haven’t changed from the fifth generation Jetta.

On the Road

As is expected from the Volkswagen Jetta now, the ride quality is excellent. Comfortable yet supportive, the VW Jetta is an ideal family car and perfect for long trips.


All models offer the VW standard active safety systems and have a five star ANCAP safety rating. They also have an additional safety



kit that isn’t available in the Golf. Another cool feature is the Crash Impact Sound Sensor, which determines the level of air bag deployment subject to the amount of noise the crash produces.

Value for Money

With the VW Jetta price starting at just $26,490, many say that the Jetta is a mid-size car with a small-car price tag. The Jetta’s price caps out at $37,990 for the top of the line 147TSI Highline, while the manual 118TSI Comfortline asks for $32,490. Predictably, you’ll want to add $2,000 if you’d like an automatic transmission.

2013 VW Jetta Manufacturer Prices:

2013 Volkswagen Jetta 118TSI 1B Manual: $26,490

2013 Volkswagen Jetta 118TSI 1B Automatic: $28,990

2013 Volkswagen Jetta 147TSI Highline 1B: $37,990

2013 Volkswagen Jetta 118TSI Comfortline 1B: $32,490

2013 Volkswagen Jetta 103TDI Comfortline 1B: $34,990



The Competition

Competing against the Volkswagen Jetta is the Alfa Romeo Giuiletta and the Opel Astra. All vehicles are quite comparatively priced,

with the Alfa starting at $24,550 plus on roads, and the Opel starting at $23,990 plus on roads.

Of course, the Opel and the Alfa are often seen as more prestigious than the Jetta, and the Opel is surprisingly packed with features. And it’s rather attractive, isn’t it?

However, many say that the Alfa isn’t as nice a ride as the VW and the Opel is quite irritating to listen to, when it’s in the higher notes.

But really, in our opinion they’re all three amazing cars that we’d be chuffed to own.

The Verdict

The verdict of this 2013 VW Jetta review is a resounding hit. Safe, reliable and stylish – what’s not to love about the Volkswagen




About Tim Marsh:

Tim Marsh, author of New Cars Plus’s Car Reviews and Blog, has been covering the car beat for the last 8 years.

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