2013 VW Passat Alltrack Review

Published: September 22, 2013 | Post By: admin

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Written by: Tim Marsh

If you like the Volkswagen Passat, then the 2013 VW Passat Alltrack is going to tickle your automotive pickle. Find out why this car should be on your test-drive list, and discover the VW Passat Alltrack price and specs in our 2013 VW Passat Alltrack


The Line-Up

2013 Volkswagen-Passat-Alltrack

2013 Volkswagen-Passat-Alltrack Image: dieselstation.com

VW have made it quite easy for you with the VW Passat Alltrackoffering just one model option: the 103TDI Alltrack. Simple.

Exterior and Styling

Compared to the standard VW Passat, the Passat Alltrack has a higher ride, stainless steel front lip, lower black skirting spun around the car, rear diffuser, wheel-arch cladding, and steel underbody protection.

As a pretty big negative point though, you can expect to pay extra for any exterior colour other than white.

Interior and Comfort

Expect satellite navigation and Vienna leather appointed seats as standard in the Passat Alltrack, which is a nice touch from the rather basic standard Passat.

However, compared to the Audi A4 Avant or the Mercedes-Benz C250 Estate, the buffed metal console in the VW Passat Alltrack can look a little cheap.

Under the Bonnet



How does a 2.0LTDI turbocharged diesel engine that pushes out 130kW/380Nm sound? Sporty, athletic and powerful.

On the Road

There’s no question that the Passat Alltrack is a great ride, especially compared to the standard VW Passat. With 4Motion AWD

technology and adjustable suspension, the ride is smooth on both tarmac and bitumen. It also has an Offroad Function, which takes control of Hill Descent Assist, ABS and ESP for a smooth and stable off-road experience.


Now, while Volkswagen isn’t exactly the word on everyone’s lips for safety due to their recall earlier this year, the official comment

from Volkswagen Australia’s public relations manager, Kurt McGuiness, is that the six-speed DSG gearbox (which the Passat Alltrack is fitted with) is not believed to have any problems, especially in the latest models.

2013 Volkswagen-Passat-Alltrack-Rear-View

2013 Volkswagen-Passat-Alltrack-Rear-View Image: dieselstation.com

As such, drivers can trust in VW’s Driver Fatigue Detection System, eight airbags, Traction Control, Braking Control and Safety optimised head restraints to offer a safe driving experience.

Value for Money

The VW Passat Alltrack pricestarts at $47,990, plus on road costs. That’s $2,000 more than the top of the line Passat 125TDI, but

arguably well worth the price for the off-roading adventurous types.

The Competition

If you’re in the market for an SUV or mid-size vehicle, then you’ll likely be considering a Volvo XC60, Audi A4 Avant and Mercedes-Benz C250 Estate as well.

As the car most similar to the Volkswagen Passat, the Volvo is quite a commendable competitor. Starting at just $55,490 for the

standard petrol XC60, the new 2013 model has 120kW/400Nm. The 2013 model has also been updated with a diesel variant that starts at $58,480. All models are comparatively high-techer than the VW, with things like active high beams and road sign information


2013-Volkswagen-Passat-Alltrack-Interior Image: forcegt.com

(which detects speed limits) being added in the latest model.

The Audi starts at $58,500, and although is as attractive and well made as you’d expect from an Audi, it hasn’t been properly refreshed for more than five years, which offers the newer Passat more of an edge.

Lastly, the Mercedes is the high-achiever of the bunch (with a price tag starting from $69,900 plus on roads to match) and is more of a sportier option for the mid-size vehicle lover. It’s light and powerful with a 1.8L 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine that is capable of 150kW/310Nm.

The Verdict

For those of you looking for a comfortable, SUV-esque vehicle, you can interpret this 2013 VW Passat Alltrack reviewpositively.

The Offroad Function will come in handy, and the higher ride will make for a comfy, rewarding drive.


2013-Volkswagen-Passat-Alltrack-Interior Image: forcegt.com

About Tim Marsh:

Tim Marsh, author of New Cars Plus’s Car Reviews and Blog, has been covering the car beat for the last 8 years.

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    HI TIM,

  2. Jason says:

    Hi, I own a Highline and love the vehicle except for the headlights. I would have to recommend not buying this ute if you live in a rural area. I have raised it with Volkswagen Australia including the Managing Director John White. Volkswagen states that the headlights meet the minimum Australian Design Rule requirements and will not rectify the poor lighting although in New Zealand Volkswagen replace the headlights with variant 2 when customers complain and in some countries the variant 2 are a standard fit due to safety reasons. Does this mean Volkswagen values Australians lives with lesser value than countries that get variant 2 standard for safety reasons?

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