2014 Kia Grand Carnival Review

Published: May 21, 2014 | Post By: admin

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Written by Tim Marsh:

The Kia Grand Carnival has been Australia’s top people mover for a number of years, and the 2014 model looks to continue that dominance. While past models have a rather plain look, Kia has altered the design of the 2014 by making it look less bulky and more like a car. The good news is, Kia has accomplished this new look without sacrificing the versatility and comfort that have made past models so popular. Check out our 2014 Kia Grand Carnival review below for all the details.

The Line-Up

With the Grand Carnival‘s versatile line-up for 2014, you can choose from S, Si, SLi, and Platinum badges. The Si, SLi, and Platinum are available with either diesel or petrol engines.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival Front View

Exterior and Styling

To give it a more car-like look, designers of the 2014 have made the bonnet flatter and widened and raised the grill as well. For the ultimate in convenience, especially for those with large families and pets, sliding doors on either side as well as the tailgate can be opened and closed at the push of a button in SLi and Platinum models. Available paint colours include Crystal Blue, Bright Silver, and Platinum Graphite.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival Side View Image: http://mummysmiles.com

Interior and Comfort

The Grand Carnival has plenty of room for 8 people, and seating is comfortable even in the third row. One feature we really like is that the third row can be folded down all the way into the floor to provide even more cargo space. The second row can also be completely removed to give you a huge cargo area.

While it’s comfortable inside and has several convenient features including a rear-conversation mirror, seat-back trays, and dual-zone climate control in the front and rear, this vehicle lacks some of those high-end electronic toys like a touch-screen display and DVD player. Of course, with these luxury features, the Grand Carnival wouldn’t be as affordable.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival Interior Image: betazeta.com

Under the Bonnet

The robust engine of the Kia Grand Carnival remains unchanged from 2013, with the diesel engine generating 143kw of power and having a combined fuel consumption of 8.1 per 100km, while the petrol engine generates 202kw of power and has a combined fuel consumption of 10.9 per 100km.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival Image: http://mummysmiles.com

On the Road

This people mover has a decent turning radius for a bigger vehicle, but can be a bit tougher to handle on wet roads because of its size. Multi-link rear suspension and McPherson strut suspension on the front make for a smooth ride. The diesel engine offers a quieter ride compared to the petrol engine.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival Image: http://www.kia.com


Electronic stability control makes this vehicle safer on the road, as does the rear-view camera. The Platinum Grand Carnival also has rear parking sensors. Airbags are included in the first, second, and third rows.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival Safety Image: http://autotrade.dm

Value for the Money

Although even the Platinum badge lacks some high-end features, this people mover offers outstanding value because of its versatility, comfortable seating, and convenient features. That may be enough reason to find a Kia Carnival for sale.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

The Competition

Unlike the Grand Carnival, the boxier and more rugged VW Multivan has off-road capability and handles bad road conditions better, but it only seats 7, not 8. The Toyota Tarago doesn’t have a diesel engine option, but does have a more stylish look. The Chrysler Grand Carnival offers more luxury including leather seats but also only seats 7. The starting price of all three of these models is closest to that of the Platinum Grand Carnival’s.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

The Verdict

We think the Kia Grand Carnival price tag and features combination make it a solid choice for practically minded people with large families.

2014 Kia Grand Carnival

2014 Kia Grand Carnival Image: www.kia-world.net


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