2014 Toyota Kluger Review

Published: June 14, 2014 | Post By: admin

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Written by Tim Marsh:

The 2014 Toyota Kluger is bigger than previous models and also offers a quieter ride. With these and other upgrades, Toyota is looking to get the Kluger back into the top spot in its class after its sales numbers dropped to 4th in 2013. Read on for our in-depth 2014 Toyota Kluger review to see what else this SUV offers.

The Line-Up

While there were 4 badges to choose from in 2013, there are only 3 for 2014: Grande, GX, and GXL. Each badge is available in either front-wheel or four-wheel drive.

2014 Toyota Kluger

2014 Toyota Kluger Image: caradvice.com.au

Exterior and Styling

With the increased size, the Kluger has a bulkier appearance. The front grille has been redesigned, and we think the trapezoid shape and slimmer headlights give it a bold and stylish look. Like in front, the configuration in the back of the vehicle gives it the classic Toyota T-shape. Overall, this SUV has a frame that looks both muscular and aerodynamic. Alloy wheels add to the look and are either 18″ (GX and GXL) or 19″ (Grande).

2014 Toyota Kluger

2014 Toyota Kluger Image: http://www.toyota.com

Interior and Comfort

The larger body of the 2014 makes for more room and more storage space throughout. While lower-end 2013 models only seat 5, all 2014 Klugers seat 7. There’s ample leg room throughout, and the second- and third-row seats are foldable when you need that extra room for cargo. The GXL and Grande feature leather trim, and the Grande adds a tilt and slide moonroof. On the technology side, the Kluger features a 6.1″ or 8″ touch-screen audio system and Multi Information Display. Keyless entry and Smart Start add to the convenience.

2014 Toyota Kluger

2014 Toyota Kluger Image: http://www.forcegt.com

Under the Bonnet

The Kruger’s engine is unchanged for 2014, but the transmission is 6-speed instead of 5-speed, which gives you improved performance and slightly better fuel economy (10.2 to 10.6 / 100km depending on drivetrain). The engine generates an impressive 201kw of horsepower; however, the torque is low for an SUV of this size.

On the Road

The Kruger has impressive handling and offers a more quiet ride than previous models. The double wishbone suspension provides stability, and the all-wheel drive versions have Dynamic Torque Control, making it a capable off-road vehicle. One area it tends to lack in, though, is high-speed cornering.


If safety is high on your list, you’ll like that the Kluger has a 5-star ANCAP rating. In addition to 7 SRS airbags, it features a reversing camera, blind spot monitor, ABS brakes, and Electronic Brake Distribution. The Kluger Grande adds radar cruise control and auto braking technology.

toyota kluger 5dr wagon range

Toyota Kluger 5DR Wagon Range Image: goauto.com.au

Value for the Money

The 2014 Toyota Kluger price tag is at the higher end of its class. The GX starts at $40,990, the GXL starts at $49,900, and starting at $63,990, the Grande is quite pricey. This price range is not that much different than the 2013 line-up even though there are several upgrades. Though there are more affordable options, the 2014 offers a better value than the previous Kluger model.

The Competition

Competition is stiff in this segment and includes the Ford Territory, which outsold the Kluger in 2013, the Hyundai Santa Fe, and the Kia Sorrento. Unlike the Toyota Kluger diesel-engine models are available from all three of these competitors. The Kluger Grande 4WD is also about $8,000 more than the next expensive vehicle in this group.

The Verdict

If you don’t mind drawbacks like low torque output for the size and high-end badges that are among the priciest in their class, we think that the new style, roomier interior, and other upgrades in this SUV may be worth looking for a 2014 Toyota Kluger for sale.

2014 Toyota Kluger

2014 Toyota Kluger Image: http://goautomedia.cdn.on.net

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