How Much Can I Save?

The simple answer is a lot, but it isn’t just saving money that we offer. New Cars Plus can save you significant money on your new car, we even guarantee it! Have a look at our recent car sales listing on the side of the page to see how well some of our clients have done.

By using New Cars Plus you save more than just the money, as you can save time and energy going from dealer to dealer looking for the best car deal, saving on the frustration and hassle of bargaining, negotiating and being listening to dealers pressure tactics.  We remove this hassle for you and simply present you with a simple uncomplicated car buying process that delivers the best car price directly to you.

But the money savings don’t stop with your new car purchase, New Cars Plus will also assist you in trying to sell your new car to a retail buyer to help you get even more money for it. We can manage the selling campaign for you, complete with online advertising, and receive enquiries on your behalf, sort out the genuine buyers and ensure you are only speaking with people who are pre-qualified and want to buy your car at the agreed price.

By working with New Cars Plus you will also receive exclusive car discounts to aftermarket products and services from our national network of dealers and automotive suppliers.

We will work with you to ensure you always have a great car buying experience with us, we guarantee it!

Can I trade in my vehicle?

Absolutely, New Cars Plus will work with you to get the best possible trade in price from our national network of dealers and wholesalers.

In addition we can also assist you to sell your vehicle to a retail buyer if you wish, using a number of direct marketing channels that put you in control. So don’t accept second best by committing your trade to someone only to see them add $4000 dollars to the price they gave you and try to retail it themselves, with New Cars Plus we’ll help that money to stay in your pocket.

How much does New Cars Plus’s service cost?

New Cars Plus guarantees no fees or charges unless we can get you the best car deal to secure your car purchase or sale.

We charge a small flat fee per transaction which is substantially less than the thousands we can save you off your next car purchase. If you aren’t satisfied with the money savings on the transaction then our service costs you nothing. We are proud of this guarantee as we know you’ll be satisfied with the price that we can get for you.

Can I get finance?

New Cars Plus doesn’t offer direct financing to our customers, we would however be happy to refer you to one of our expert finance partners to ensure you get the best possible deal no matter what financing product you choose. New Cars Plus does not charge any fees for referring you to any of our partners and with over 500 partners to choose from we can always match you with the right adviser. Don’t give your money away thru a poorly financed deal, let us save you money on your new car and get you partnered with the right financial expert to assist you.

Can I get my new car through you?

Yes. At New Cars Plus we can assist you with the purchase of any make and model of car sold in Australia. We work for you to ensure that you get the best possible price for your new car, delivered to your door by the dealership that you selected to buy the car from. We DO NOT buy and resell cars to you from other dealers.

At New Cars Plus you always pay the dealer directly for you new car, there is no third party. We act as your representative to get the best car deal for you and you become a client at both the dealership and New Cars Plus. Aside from just ordering the car for you, New Cars Plus is also there to assist you through the process to delivery, with updates on your delivery status, coordinating licensing and registration documents and acting on your behalf ensuring you always get a Great Car Buying Experience.

Can I get a Used Car through you?

Yes. By clicking on our used car section you can view vehicles that we are selling at car prices below what you would pay for in a car yard. You are welcome to contact us and we can tell you all about the car and its history and then organise for you to see the car if it’s something you are interested in.

You are also welcome to contact us about a potential car purchase that you have seen independently or are looking for that we don’t have listed. With a huge dealer & wholesaler network at our reach, we are often able to find the right car for our clients in a relatively quick time.

What advice can you give me?

At New Cars Plus we are interested in making sure you make the right car purchase as there is no reason that you should have to pay more for a car the doesn’t suit your needs or that you don’t like driving.

We know that getting the right advice is often hard to find, and it often feels as if someone is always trying to sell you something. We are here to give you independent advice at any stage of your car buying process, whether it is assessing what models would suit your needs, to servicing the car you already own, we aim to give you quality service and advice that meets your needs.

At New Cars Plus we don’t mind what car you choose, we just want your next car choice to be the right one for you and your budget.

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