How to decrease your fuel consumption without buying a hybrid

Published: September 25, 2013 | Post By: admin

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Facts on fuel consumption & a few ways that can help you save

Vehicle running costs can be expensive, so any opportunity to save on petrol consumption is a good thing. Buying a fuel-efficient car is, of course, the first step in saving on petrol costs, but it’s not the only one. With some planning, it is possible for you to reduce your fuel consumption and therefore you costs. Here are just a few points worth remembering.

Vehicle maintenance

Keeping your car in good condition can help save on repair and maintenance costs, and can result in better fuel economy. Cars are generally more fuel-efficient when you replace worn tyres, ensure tyre pressure is kept to optimum levels, and have a regular wheel balance and alignment check. A regular service is of course a wise move for any car owner, to help keep your vehicle performing as it should, and to help save your wallet from sudden major repairs.

Driving style

Every driver should strive to be a safe driver at all times, for the sake of all road users. Additionally, your driving style can save you money on petrol consumption. Regular and sudden stops and starts will chew up more fuel, even in fuel economy cars. Drive a little slower and steadily for better fuel performance.

How To Decrease Your Fuel Consumption Image credit:

How To Decrease Your Fuel Consumption Image credit:

Choice of vehicle

Drivers have a lot more choice these days when it comes to fuel-efficient cars. Take your time to do your research to ensure you have all the facts on the makes and models that offer better fuel consumption. Weigh this up with the purchase price, and probable maintenance costs, before buying.

Buying a fuel-efficient car doesn’t have to mean buying a hybrid, either. Many prestige manufacturers also now specialise in fuel-efficient cars. BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz offer eco models that run at less than 7.5 litres per 100kms. The end result is better efficiency, and with the luxury car tax threshold now sitting at 75K instead of 60K, better affordability.

Buying better

Of course, another way to save on petrol costs is to buy wisely. Online resources such as the NRMA website can advise you on the best – and worst – petrol prices across Sydney and NSW, for any given week. They can also let you know the best day to buy your petrol, as prices do fluctuate not merely from one town or suburb to the next, but from one day to the next.

Being savvy with your choices can help lower your petrol consumption.

Fuel-efficient cars are the first step, but the way you shop, maintain your car, and even your driving style, can all help to lower your fuel costs, and have a positive impact on your wallet.

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