The Lowdown on Car Brokers

Published: September 25, 2013 | Post By: admin

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The idea of a car broker is a foreign concept to many people. It’s true that a broker service for vehicles is a relatively new idea and hasn’t been in place for very long. In fact, for a long time car brokers were utilised mainly in luxury vehicle purchases. But these days there is no monocle and ascot prerequisite to using a car buying service. Anyone can use an auto broker and in fact many people do.

So the biggest question is what exactly is a car broker and how does this service operate? Simply put, auto brokers

No hassle... using a broker means you can avoid dealerships. Photo: Getty Images

No hassle… using a broker means you can avoid dealerships. Photo: Getty Images

are third parties who assist the customer with car buying. In fact, car brokers handle the whole car buying transaction on behalf of the customer. Another question many have about this particular service is whether or not it’s worth it.

For many customers, even those who haven’t used an auto broker service before, it is worth it. Many people, of course, know how to buy a new car or how to buy a used car, but the whole point of a car buying service is to ensure the customer doesn’t have to go through the hassle of buying used cars or new cars. Even when the customer knows which new car he or she wants they still need to go through the painstaking process of going from dealership to dealership, haggling with salesmen and checking new car prices. And for those looking for second hand cars, the process can be even more frustrating.

To get started, the only thing many broker firms require is the exact model car the customer would like to purchase. The broker then goes through his or her database of dealerships and finds the best deal possible for cars to buy that match that particular model. The car broker then completes the monetary transaction and delivers the car. The key is that the broker knows how to buy a new car and how to buy a used car at discount prices usually reserved for those who buy vehicles in bulk. A good broker can find a car cheaply and quickly and provide the customer with free car quotes.

Many customers find this assistance in buying cars to be a godsend. Of course there is also the small matter of the fee for the broker. This all depends on the type of organisation the broker is running. Some brokers will charge a flat rate to buy new cars, some brokers will charge a percentage of the savings they receive from the car dealer upon purchase. Other brokers may charge a percentage of the value of the used cars or new cars to buy.

There are also differences between full service brokers and online car buying services. Many customers prefer full service brokers due to the number of quality services offered. Full service brokers will bring a vehicle out for the customer to test drive. Also, rather than assist with a trade-in, full service brokers can organise the private sale of one’s vehicle before the new car purchase. Many full service brokers also provide ongoing benefits after the transaction, such as finding the customer discounts on fuel as well as discounts on car insurance.

In the end those buying cars, and who use car brokers, usually end up with savings on new car prices greater than what they would have found on their own with a car dealer. Even when factoring in the brokers fee the total cost is usually less than the amount they would have got had they purchased new or second hand cars on their own. So for those who want to buy new car should take advantage of the free car quotes and vehicle buying services offered bycar brokers. The car broker can find a car and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep, often saving money in the process.
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