Upgrading Your Car: 10 Things to Consider to Get You The Best Result

Published: December 28, 2016 | Post By: admin

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Upgrading your car to give it better performance or just to look a little “sexier” is an attractive option for many car owners. Upgrading your car’s performance and looks can be a very rewarding experience. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your car for better performance, safety and maintenance.


Safety upgrade: Get better tyres. Road safety begins with the quality of car tyres that you use. Standard tyres that are issued with most models are satisfactory and of course, meet all ADR specifications, but investing in better tyres will help you ensure that your car handles better and stops faster than what it currently does. It may one day be the difference between having an accident and a close shave.

Safety upgrade: Improve your braking system. Improved braking ability within your car will naturally improve its stopping ability. At the very least when doing a car upgrade you should ensure that your current braking system is in order. Brake pads should be inspected for wear and brake fluid levels should be checked.

You can go the extra mile and consider purchasing a larger brake kit for around $350. Alternatively you may look at installing stainless steel brake lines if you envisage doing a lot of hard braking.

Safety upgrade: Improve your vision. Every car has a blind spot and you have to compensate by doing shoulder checks to ensure that you can change lanes safely. You can solve this problem by installing a blind spot detection system. These are available across a variety of after market outlets and are reasonably priced.

Maintenance upgrade: Battery. No one ever thinks about the car battery until it’s too late. Batteries wear out typically within three to five years. You can increase battery reliability by switching to an advanced-technology battery.

Regardless of whether you do or not you can avoid nasty surprises by keeping your battery terminals clean and keeping note of when you installed the battery.

Maintenance upgrade: Cooling system. There are only three factors that affect your car’s temperature – airflow, water (coolant) and the radiator. Radiator upgrades are one option that should help with your engine cooling.

However a less expensive option is to improve air flow around the engine and ensure that air flows through the radiator. This will help to keep your engine cooler. Ensuring you have quality coolant topped up to appropriate levels is a must.

Maintenance upgrade: New Fuel Filter. If your car’s performance appears to be a little sluggish it may be due to a clogged fuel filter. As these components are in constant operation while the engine is operation it is only a matter of time that they become clogged with the contaminants that they are protecting your engine from.


If your fuel filter hasn’t been changed in the past twenty four months, it’s probably time to have a technician take a look and change it if necessary.

Comfort Upgrade: Seating. Car seats are designed to suit the average person. Many drivers find that standard car seats lack support and are uncomfortable. There are many aftermarket seats that will give better support and provide greater comfort.

Comfort Upgrade: Sound System. Many standard fitted car sound systems leave a lot to be desired. You can upgrade your car’s sound system without going overboard on price by choosing from the wide range of quality off the shelf products on the market today. These systems can be easily installed.

Performance Upgrade: Suspension: Your car will handle better when turning and give an overall better ride quality with an upgraded suspension. This is one area that you will most likely need some experts’ help with.

Performance Upgrade: Exhaust system. When done properly exhaust upgrades can improve performance and fuel economy. The trick is to find an exhaust system that is designed for performance improvement and not just to sound and/or look good.

Naturally, you may not be able to get all these upgrades done at once, but a little planning and prioritisation can see your car performing, sounding, looking and handling better in no time.

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